High Blood Pressure Study - Wave 1 - Week 4

High Blood
Pressure Study

Week 4 Summary

Current Results

In only 4 weeks with 2 Nutrient meals & a bar daily
Of those who reduced blood pressure:
returned to normal
Lost Weight:
Had more energy:
100% reported

Felt somewhat to very full

Improved physical appearance

Inches lost an average of 3.3" of their waist
85% reported

lost weight; average of 2 pounds per week

Felt more energy

Ate better
57% reported

Better Sleep

Week 4 conclusions of our High Blood Pressure Study

  • After four weeks of eating two Nutrient meals and one bar, blood pressure has improved in all but one participant and normalized in two. Weight loss is at a healthy rate of 2 pounds per week. This is impressive as people can eat other foods yet still lose weight, probably because all felt full and satisfied. Also, the healthy Nutrient meals seem to serve as a cue to eat well. The participants are joyful, energetic, reported looking better, and eating better. Over the past few weeks on the Zoom calls, the participants say that they can't wait to see their doctors to get their blood pressure medication lowered. The participants already know that they have lower blood pressures.

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