High Blood Pressure Study - Week 8

High Blood
Pressure Study

Week 8 Summary

Current Participant's Results

In only 8 weeks with 2 Nutrient meals & a bar daily
Of those who reduced blood pressure:
returned to normal
Lost Weight:
on average 12 lbs
100% reported a decrease in waist circumference
3 inches
were inches lost
Additional Findings
  • No GI side effects were reported by participants
  • 100% of participants reported feeling moderately to extremely well
  • 100% of participants felt quite full to extremely full
  • 100% of participants reported somewhat to extreme amounts of energy
  • 100% reported sleeping OK to excellent

  • All felt somewhat to not at all moody
  • All felt good about their appearance
Favorite Foods: shakes, bars, and macaroni and cheese

Week 8 conclusions of our High Blood Pressure Study

  • Nutrient foods lower blood pressure and reduce body weight. The participants have a new lease on life by feeling great, eating better, looking great, and having a lot of energy.


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