Feed Your Brain to Protect it from Alzheimer's and Dementia

Ten years ago, science linked brain diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia to the foods we consume.

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In fact, only 1 percent of Alzheimer's is from genetics — 99% is from your lifestyle, starting with what you eat.

You must feed your brain daily. Your brain is your most important organ:

  • Only weights about 2 percent of total body weight
  • Consumes 25% of blood, 40% of nutrients and 25% of energy
  • Controls your memories, emotions, thinking and the function of all your vital organs

You have to feed your brain throughout your life. The upside is incredible:

  • Brain power
  • Improved health, focus, memory, performance and beauty
  • Reduced chance of Alzheimer’s and dementia

Fail to feed your brain and you risk living with:

  • Sub-par performance
  • Rapid aging
  • Memory loss
  • Shrinking brain, fewer neurotransmitters sending messages around your body, and ultimately increased risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia

Today’s diets are literally killing our brains. That is why we introduced the Brain Shake. It has everything your brain needs for brain power today and brain health for life.

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Your brain is amazing. Be good to it.

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