Adam's Story

 “Before starting to regularly drink the Brain Shake I experienced severe migraine headaches for about 2 years. I would get migraines a couple of times per week and each time I would be fairly useless for at least a couple of hours. Multiple Doctor visits and MRI’s couldn’t detect a cause and I was told it was probably brought on by stress, diet or even the environment.

I was slowly accepting that I may have to deal with migraines for the rest of my life. Then my dad introduced me to the Brain Shake. Once the Brain Shake became a part of my daily breakfast routine the migraines have mostly disappeared and even if I do get one occasionally they are not nearly as intense as they used to be. Thank you Nutrient for removing that pain and daily uncertainty from my life.”

Adam E.

Age: 20, Favorite Nutrient Product: BrainShake

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