Gus's Story

"Nutrient foods have literally changed my life! Along with losing approximately 200 pounds, I have gained my mobility and my life back. Since losing the weight, my health has done a complete 180.

I now go to the gym and do yoga. I drive​,​ and get in and out of vehicles much more easily. I even flew to Texas this summer and sat in coach! The first time that I can remember – I used to have to fly first class with the bigger seat. I can now go up stairs normally, instead of one at a time, and I'm not winded at the top because ​​my breathing has drastically improved. I'm able to clean, do work around the yard, and even clean the pool - all things other people used to do for me. I now sleep in my bed, instead of on the recliner or couch.

The food tastes great and has the most convenient preparation ever. The best part is I feel nutritionally satisfied with all those nutrients feeding my body.​ ​I'm not at all hungry!!! Thank you to everyone at Nutrient.”

Gus S.

Age: 40, Favorite Nutrient Product: Vanilla Shake

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