Layla's Story

“When I first started drinking the Nutrient Shake I was an 18-year old girl that weighed over 200 lbs. The scale and I were not friends. Just by drinking a shake every mid-morning and going to the gym more frequently, I lost 60 pounds after just 8 months. Best of all, even while losing weight, I still eat what I want throughout the day and the weight doesn’t come back!

Additionally, I’ve always had seasonal eczema that never seemed to go away, no matter what I tried. Since I started eating Nutrient foods I haven’t seen a trace of my eczema. I didn’t even realize at first it was the food, but then I heard of a few others who had the same results! The benefits are endless.

When you’re getting the right nutrients, your body does what it’s supposed to and brings you to your peak-you! Feeling healthy and nourished is almost an indescribable feeling. I feel better than ever and this food will be a staple for me for the rest of my very long, healthy life.”


Age: 20

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