Robyn's Story

"The answer to my prayers..."

"This was the program that was the answer to my prayers to give me hope that I could do this on my own, and not have to follow some measuring and weighing... and low fat diet which I don't believe in any way anymore."

"We just felt better!"

"My results have been amazing. We have noticed other things; my husband and I both have more energy. I would always go into that turkey coma after lunch at work every day, you know where you have the afternoon energy crash, that went away completely. No more energy crashes. I have all this energy! We were both sleeping better... We just felt better! There was like a feeling of wellness. I don't know how to even explain that.

"Everybody is noticing..."

"I've definitely lost 25 pounds since February and I've lost 4 inches in my waist. And everybody is noticing and I mean people are telling me, "look you have a waist!"

"Your body doesn't crave anything else."

"I thought I was pretty hopeless that I would never find anything that would take away the sugar cravings. This is the only thing that ever has. And I know it's because the cells are satisfied with all the nutrients and so your body doesn't crave anything else."

"My portions are so much less"

"My portions are so much less, you can ask my husband. They're so much less at mealtime because we came off the Nutrient Loading Program and neither of us could eat very much! We couldn't eat maybe 1/4, 1/3 of the size of the normal dinner meal we used to have."

"You're just going to naturally lose weight."

"What people want to know is how much do you think I could lose in a week and I said you can't go into it thinking about how much weight you're gonna lose, you got to think about getting healthy because none of us are healthy like we should be. The weight loss will be a side effect and will naturally come from from eating like this, but I said you really got to go into it with the sense of getting healthier. If you're on blood pressure medicine, hey you could get off of blood pressure medicine. If you're struggling with sugar addiction that you know is not good for your body, you could get off of your sugar addiction. And what will follow is because you're not eating that sugar all the time and all those carbs you're just going to naturally lose weight."

"My blood pressure was absolutely totally normal."

"I have not had a normal blood pressure in I can't remember, ten years, and I have had three doctor's appointments in the last months and every single one of them, which is usually when your blood pressure's higher when you go to the doctor, every single one my blood pressure was absolutely totally normal."

"I was hopeless and now I'm not.."

"For me I was hopeless and now I'm not and I don't want to go back to the hopeless feeling so I'm sacrificing I mean we're sacrificing anything we can to order these products."

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