Scott's Story

"Getting more out of my time, the product, and enhanced my mood... helping lower my dose of antidepressant medicine"

"I've always said that if I could take a pill and get all the nutrients I need I would. And also with sleep, if I could just plug myself into the wall and get energy and keep going I would. And this kind of does a little bit of both! You get more energy, and it's a high return on your investment... I don't mean just just the cost, I mean the time involved to prepare it and the payoff."

 "Forget about your midlife crisis..."

"Longevity is a big deal with me. Everybody talks about 'midlife crisis' you know... 45 and that means you're gonna die at 90, and I'm like 90 is just the beginning! What are we doing here guys? There's a guy named Ray Kurzweil and he is a futurist and he believes that there's technologies, and this is even before I knew about Nutrient, he said there are technologies that are going to lengthen our lives and I believe that this is one of those technologies that he didn't know existed but knew was coming."

"I don't feel 50"

"So I don't look at 50 as being my midlife I look at it as my third life, one-third. Everybody talks about 'oh we're so old' and and yeah the time that goes by it's kind of weird to go, wow okay Michael Jackson was 34 years ago and such-and-such came out, but other than that I don't feel 50, not the way other people describe it."

"It's a whole different level of living"

"I have a mobile oil change business and there was a day where I did 26 oil changes in the heat of Florida and it was, I don't know, seven hours or so and about halfway through I had a shake. Boom! I kept going. That was my lunch. And there was a day that the girls wanted to see University of Florida, so we went up there for a night and I didn't have any of my foods with me and I figured what's one day there's no big deal... That's like the very first day in probably years I had this amazing hunger headache. That afternoon I could tell and it was because I didn't have the nutrients. So it's just a whole different level of life of living to have this in my life. I can ramble on and on, it's just getting more for your time, more out of the product, it's just amazing because without it I would be wanting to take a nap at 3 o'clock every day. I would be very tired at the end of the day and I think it does enhance my mood, from my depression. I've actually lowered my dose of antidepressant medicine."

"I always hated to cook"

"Prior to this food, and I can remember this in college, I hated to cook. And prior to being married, I just wouldn't. So I would have a splitting headache of hunger and finally go okay I gotta eat something.. just yeah, just eat whatever! But now I just push a button on a blender and I'm good to go. And even the cereal, I I really liked the cereal, especially the chocolate cereal. I mean how close to Cocoa Puffs can you get with this nutrition! it's amazing."
The other aspect that I've noticed over this journey has been to realize just how addicted to sugar I was. We have a family custom or tradition of a particular dessert for Christmas time, and we call it bit bars. And what it is it's kind of a cookie on the bottom chocolate chop cookie and then there's a meringue on the top. And it dries and they're just soooo full of sugar and so good, and I used to eat a whole bunch of them and now I can only eat three of them instead of six or twelve because I just get sick I just feel the sugar impacts."

"I intend to live quite a while now"

"An ongoing thing that I continue to experience is having to cut my nails all the time, and I know from when my wife was on her prenatal vitamins that that means you're getting good. And I've even heard Dr. Bell talk about it that because of the triage of what your body needs, that's like a low priority, if you're not getting the nutrients you need it goes to everything else and your nails your hair that's what they get whatever is left over. So when your hair, and that's another thing, I need a haircut much more often than I used to prior to the food. So it just you know, you'd live it every day, you feel it and you know, and I intend to live quite a while now. I'm constantly getting people that are surprised when I tell them I'll be fifty in December, they're like no way!"

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