Wayne's Story

"My blood pressure was right on the money."

"I recently went to my annual checkup and everything was really good. I haven't got my blood work done yet, but I'll get that done another week or so, but you know all my everything was very good, perfect and my blood pressure was was right on the money. You know where I've always run maybe a little bit high. So I was eighty over 120 which is, you know, right down the middle."

"I feel more energy, more alive more, and younger"

"I have felt like I have more energy then I did a few years ago. When you feel better than you feel like doing things that you want to do. When you're not feeling, you know, as much energy... so the older you get, obviously you have to know how your body's feeling and go with it. But with the Nutrient foods, you know I feel more energy, more alive more, and younger. I guess it's the right way to say it."
"It's been great that way I've taken on a big project this spring to build this deck that we're on, this bench that we're on, and then I'm going to be building that gazebo as part of the deck. All those things a few years ago I probably wouldn't be so excited about doing because it was going to be too difficult on my body."

"This is very convenient"

"To me it's convenient versus you know... I have some friends that are really working on getting good nutrients in their diet, and it's a lot of work and a lot of money. They spend a lot of time buying the right things, preparing it the right way, and it's a lot of work if you're working. In this way, it's you know grab a bar and go versus prepare all these vegetables and try to get them down right. So that's why I've found this is very convenient to know that you're getting the right things. Nutrient foods did all the real work and I just reap in the benefits."

"It's not like it's a sacrifice"

"We were looking for a good lifestyle change and this has given us some a way to do it. That's because it's fairly simple and easy to do. It's very doable so it's not like it's a sacrifice or a diet or any silly words like that."

 "I believe it will help me live a longer, more productive life"

"Why not continue doing it and feel the way I'm feeling now? I believe it will help me live a longer, more productive life. It's an investment, not a sacrifice."

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