Antoinette's Updated Story

"If you want to lower your blood pressure, you can do it!"

"If I can do it, you can, if that's what you want. If you want your blood pressure cut back doing this... YES!"

"My blood pressure was 178... now it's 129"

"My blood pressure was 178 when I started with you guys. Actually that had came down that day because it was higher than that, because my doctor wanted to send me to the hospital. I told him, "Look if you're gonna increase my medicine, send me the prescription and I'll just take it." That's the way I felt, but I said you say I need to take it, I'll take it. Knowing that it's 129, 130... that's a plus for me! That is a major plus."

"I feel more important about myself now."

"Nutrient foods have helped me to eat better, eat in a portion, a certain amount and be full. I was 208, maybe 210 when I started this, and I'm 195 today and I am sexy! I feel more important about myself now. I notice that also I'm feeling really important. Now it's like everything I've lost is coming back to me, and I'm like but if you did it before why not now. I don't know... At that time I was in a depressed stage. I didn't care. Like I said, I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted."

 "I was 300 pounds..."

"I wasn't as sad as I used to be... Because when I took that stuff off the wall, because I didn't want to see nobody smiling at me. I didn't want to see my pictures like that picture right there... I was 300 pounds in the burgundy outfit. That's me and now this is the new me! So yeah, I've come a long way. I've come a long way. So I'm like okay, I looked at that box, I said I'm going to put some of these pictures up. I was at home by myself when they came in, 'Mama y'alright?' I said, 'Oh, I'm great.' 'You sure?' 'I'm great!' 'Then what was wrong?' 'I said nothing, I'm great.' I said, 'Okay, I just decided I wanted stuff on the wall.' They said, 'Really?' I said, 'Yeah!'

"I'm not going to have Beyonce's body, but I'm going to be pretty darn close to it!"

"But when I see those pictures up there of me, one when I was like 24... If I can get close to that, I'm good! But I have to look at the fact that I'm 58 years old. No, I'm not going to have Beyonce's body, but I'm going to be pretty darn close to it!"

"Yea, I'm sexy!"

I went to my counselor last Thursday. He was very surprised at me like, 'Wow you lost weight.' I said, 'Yea, I'm sexy!" I said two more years I'm going be 60 and I told my kids I want the 60 and sexy party. 'For real mama?' I said yes, for real. I earned it. I am under 200 pounds! My god, that was the highlight of my day. Those people in Walmart must've thought something had happened. I'm under two hundred pounds. You know how hard that was for me?

"I was 300 pounds wearing a size 26... now I wear a 16 to 18."

Because being a diabetic I was 300 pounds wearing a size 26. And now, I can wear a 16 to 18. Yes, yes, with no shame now! My friend, she's funny because I wear clothes that fit now. She was shocked! She hated me wearing big clothes because I was self-conscious about myself, but for me like I just had a wake-up call that I had to do this.

"I'm like, damn this is me!"

One of my friends said you're getting smaller! I won't be able to find you. I said, 'Oh you'll find me.' She said, 'How?' 'Because my sexy is gonna be glowing.' That's my thing! I say my sexy is going to be glowing. But losing the weight, it does bring your sexuality back... I'm like damn this is me!

"I feel the difference!"

"I feel a difference! I feel the difference I really do. A burst of energy! Not because the grandkids are here, but energy just for me. A lot of stuff that I would deem as something that would take me forever, that I didn't want to do... You know how we procrastinate, now I just get up and do it. I like the way, I like the way it made me feel. I really did."