Mal's Story

"71 years old and still alive and well in all areas of my life."

"I'm one of those guys who have always, I mean like always, been attracted to supplements in realizing that the food sources that we have are being more more depleted in their vitamin content, in mineral content, so I've always wanted to study supplements forever. I was in Herbalife, and you know, all these other places where you can make a shake and you could put everything in your body you needed... But the first attraction for me was 43 essential nutrients and that you guys had figured a way to put it in, in some cold process, and make it stick. And so there was some really high degree technology, people that I would watch on the videos seem to be professional high-caliber people, and I could not deny after just a week on the product what it was doing to me."

"My knee pain went away"

"So, 71 years old still alive and well in all areas of my life, including the bedroom, and I used to have some problems with my knees. After about a month and a half taking the product every day the knee pain went away. And when I was working doing safety coaching on drilling rigs and drill ships, I have to do stairs a lot, a lot of stairs; well my knees would give me some problems. At 8:00 at night I had to bend my knees and pop, pop, pop.... That doesn't happen anymore. So something went into that joint, both joints of my knees, that made them more more lubricated more flexible and so on, so that was the first thing."

"This continues to cleanse your body..."

"Bowel movements every day. At my age, you keep track of those kind of things! And sometimes twice a day. I eat a meal, and go to the bathroom. It's all of that stuff that that continues to cleanse your body and so on."

"My skin... people don't believe my age"

"My skin... people going, you don't look like you're 71 years old and so and so on and I said, "Oh yeah, I eat right. Take care of myself. Lots of water, no alcohol, no smoking, all of that helps out a bunch too. And crisp thinking! I know a lot of friends of mine right now.... I still do seminars of workshops on safety leadership and teaching standing on my feet all day long using PowerPoint to get the message across, doing two and three day courses."

"Still feel energized after flying for 14-15 hours"

"I have a million and a half miles with United Airlines alone. I'll take those little shake packages with me I will find a way to mix them up with a banana or some yogurt and I'll make a shake with milk, and so that's coming with me all the time so I can be on some long flights of 14-15 hour flights all the way over to Narita or Hong Kong and then to Thailand, Bangkok and still feel energized ready to go to work, feeling good. So those are just like the tips of the iceberg and then it begins to filter down to all the parts of my life."

"The best combination of essential ingredients"

"Nutrient is probably the the best combination of essential ingredients that I've seen in one product, or in several different products you can eat different ways and so on. So if we're in the past I would have maybe had 10 bottles of vitamins, and well now it's all in it's all in my shake. It changes everything. I don't go to GNC anymore. I wait for my packs that come in the mail every month, and there it is. And I just continue doing it."

"It's so easy to make"

"It is so easy to make a shake. Ice, milk, shake, put a banana in, boom you got it. And it's like a meal replacement also forming, so that's good. Then I love Cheerios, whole wheat Cheerios. And I'll mix the nutrient cereal into it with that, so I'll get you know half and half, and now I got a cereal that I really like as far as its taste and then I got the nutrients at the same time."

"The effects are noticeable in a very short period of time."

First of all, the quality of product, the effects that are noticeable in a very short period of time and then the convenience of use at 71 years old. I don't want to have to take out a bunch of stuff. I don't want to put a bunch of stuff cooking, and go to a bunch of whole food stores to buy the right products... And so on it comes in the mail to me once a month and that's it! I mix it up and it's done."

"I need energy... and it helps a lot"

"So I've been a student of behavior. I got a mechanical engineering degree and I have a master's in behavior science which allows me to do really good safety consulting. I'll watch a crew work and I can give them good feedback about their behaviors, and I need energy to do that. If I'm working on a drill ship or actual platform, I need the energy to be here to keep up with those guys. Sometimes I have to rotate night to day, day to night in one shift and it helps me do that.

"Blood pressure right in the normal range..."

"Every once in a while the drill ship says, oh by the way, Mal, we need a physical. So I'll go to the oil-field clinic where they do the physicals, I'll go through the physical... Eyes always come out right... Ears okay. Blood pressure right in the normal range. Heart beat, 60 beats a minute. You can almost time a second hand to my heartbeat. So I'm always passing those physicals, so I guess I'm doing okay!"

"When I want to go to sleep, I go to sleep!"

"I know some people attribute good sleep to some pillow they bought... I can sleep anywhere, anytime and after six or seven hours wake up bright and cheery and ready to go. I can sleep on a 14-hour flight over to the Philippines for instance, I can sleep five or six of those hours and wake up on the Philippine time which is twelve hours difference and feeling alive and well. So first of all, the sleep process of being tired, getting the rest that you need, and you know your body needs these rems you know there's these circadian rhythms, so every 60 to 90 minutes we all need about three or four these circadian rhythms. Well, I get them every single night. When I want to go to sleep, I go to sleep! Do my little mantra, and go to sleep... and then wake up in the morning, no alarm clock. I look at my watch and it's like 6 o'clock, 6:30, ok it's time, get up, fix the bed, and go!"

"It changes the whole energy the rest of the day."

"So that's the sleep side of energy and people  don't know but you need energy then too. Your body is going through a fast, and breakfast is called a break-fast. You're literally breaking your fast and all those hours of sleeping, if you've got a really good sleep, guess what having good good break-fast breakfast is essential. So you wake up to a cereal, you wake up to an oatmeal, you wake up to a shake, and WOW it changes the whole process, the whole energy the rest of the day."

"You'll notice a difference"

"Am I sharing with other people... yes and as soon as they're on it for a couple of days, they already notice a difference. And they'll come to me, 'Uncle Mal' or 'Mr. Mal', could it be what I'm taking'... Yes! You change your body, now all of a sudden getting essential nutrients that never had before." 

 "Benefits for better attitude and brain function"

"When people see you they go, 'Oh I can't believe.' And you go, 'well you know food, must be my lifestyle, positive attitude all that goes together.' But you know, one works off the other. If I had to walk around all day long with knees that ached, and pain, and couldn't take steps, it would affect my attitude. That would affect my brain function you know, and so on. So when you when you can handle those foundational things, like your body, then it starts to affect the attitude. And the psychology and the mental application of mental strategies and so on."

 "71 years and I can still see well"

"I'll tell you what else. When I was in college, and I can remember walking with my dad one day down the street in New Orleans, and he was reading a billboard and he asked if I could... I said no and he said I needed glasses! So we go, and I get glasses, and the rest of college I have these glasses. All through the Air Force I wore glasses. Mechanical Engineering... I wore glasses. And then in 1943 I read a book by a doctor about how to improve your eye sight, and I didn't need glasses anymore. In my 40's, I improved my eye-sight. I could see close, but I couldn't see far away. I've been through renewing my license for many years, and do not need glasses. But I've noticed with Nutrient products is that they add to my eye-sight being really good. I know people my age where all of a sudden they ask what I'm doing... I don't wear glasses anymore and my eyesight is staying! 71 years and I can still see well and all that stuff... and I credit that to good nutrition and putting nutrients in my body everyday, and it's worked."