Nutrient Cereal

Maple Almond • Original • Chocolate

( 5 Pack )

Nutrient Cereal (5 Pack)

3 Flavors

Maple Almond

A bowl of cereal is a breakfast staple. But most cereals are so loaded with damaging ingredients you may as well be eating a candy bar for breakfast. And then you’re hungry an hour later. Choose real nourishment. Choose feeling satiated. With over 100 nutrients, Nutrient Cereal is the only cereal to receive the Nutrient Institute’s highest rating. It hits the satisfaction button, accelerates weight loss, and energizes you throughout the day. No more late morning donuts or bagels out of desperation. No more afternoon crashes. Set the day’s intention with your first meal--your body will thank you. Nutrient Cereal is protection against rapid aging, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and other chronic diseases*. Life is complicated enough. Simplify your morning and fortify your body with what it needs.

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Our Guarantee

Lose weight during the 15 day Nutrient Loading program
Or you get a full refund of the program

Eat only Nutrient Complete Meals™

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      Nothing Compares

      The results speak for themselves

      • The most nutrient-dense meal in the world.
      • The only food that's a complete meal
      • Feel full and satisfied without cravings
      • Feel better and beautiful with more energy
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      Defeat Chronic Illnesses

      Nutrients help to reduce your chance of:

      • Heart Disease*
      • Diabetes*
      • High Blood Pressure*
      • Cancer*
      • Shorter Life Span*
      • Alzheimer's Disease*
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      Complimentary Coaching

      • #1 reason people fail is because they don’t have a support system
      • Your personal certified Nutrient Coach will:
        • Keep you motivated
        • Answer all of your questions
        • Provide meal prep tips
        • Support you via text, email, and phone

      Included in every Nutrient Program

      Stories from our customers

      "Full without cravings"
      "I could focus more in class."
      "My arthritis got better!"

      9 out of 10 people reported

      Better Memories
      Weight Loss
      Better Mood
      Improved Focus
      More Energy

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      Frequently asked questions

      No, Nutrient Cereal is a complete meal on its own. If you want to add milk feel free. Choose from soy milk, almond milk, rice mile or whatever you prefer.
      Contains two high-quality proteins: soy protein concentrate and milk protein isolate.
      Nutrient Cereal contains 5g of sugar or less, compared to other brands that typically have twice as much or more.
      Nutrient Cereals has at least 25% of 14 vitamins and 12 minerals your body needs each day.