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Nutrient Health
Nutrient Health

Nutrient Health

Includes 60 meals |
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Nutrient Health is our core program to replace your two worst meals of the day. Usually breakfast and your on-the-go meal in the middle of the day. Each of our Nutrient Complete Meals™ gives your body everything it needs to improve your health with more energy and less stress. Feel full longer without the cravings while losing weight and inches.

  • Includes a personal Nutrient Coach
  • 2 meals a day, 60 meals monthly
  • More energy with fewer mid-day crashes
  • Feel full and satisfied without cravings
  • Better mood with reduced stress

The Nutrient Guarantee

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Nutrition for overall well-being

Our bodies are incredible machines! They’re designed to live disease free, grow and repair, and live long. But we need to nourish them daily with the right nutrients. Nutrient Complete MealsTM are the world’s most nutrient dense meals and have everything the body needs and nothing it doesn’t. Each meal fuels the body’s natural power to live long and to maintain better health.

The #1 reason people fail at their nutrition goals is the lack of a support system. We offer a coach to every customer who purchases a Nutrient program to support your nutrition and your journey to better health. It’s a completely FREE benefit valued at over $200 a month for you to take advantage of. Together, we can transform your life and achieve your goals. Let’s do this!

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Perfect nutrition to improve your health.

Are you tired of feeling "just okay"? Elevate your health and your life now with our Nutrient Health program.

Hear real results

Powerful Results

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  • 87% less risk of heart disease
  • 90% less likely to get diabetes
  • 78% less likely to get high blood pressure
  • 65% less risk of cancer
  • A Decade added to your life

24 Nutrient Complete Meals - similar profile of the Nutrient Bar™ Peanut Butter:

Stories from our customers

“Finally Full Without Cravings!”

“I Lost 16 lbs and 4 in!”

“My Body Feels Amazing!”

Sarah's Story

"I feel so much more energetic and happy so I'm putting in extra hours of work this week, woohoo! I haven't done that in years because by 3pm, I'm usually just fried."

Frequently asked questions

The Nutrient Shake contains all the macro- and micro-nutrients the body needs to grow, repair, and live strong and long. A multivitamin contains only micronutrients, with ranges all over the place.
Our shakes are a Nutrient Complete MealTM. A protein shake is just that - protein, which is the one nutrient that we generally get enough of.
The Nutrient Shake is a complete meal that was designed using our proprietary technology perfected over six years of R&D. Click here to learn more about the requirements for a Nutrient Complete Meal™.
Yes. They contain omega-3s, choline, amino acids and potassium (the most under consumed nutrient in the modern-day diet), no artificial flavors or colors, GMO free and fewer than 10 grams of sugar.