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About Us

What is in a name? Everything! Humans were designed to be healthy, but we are destroying our bodies and health by consuming terrible foods. 75 percent of today’s diet is fast and processed foods that are bad for us. We make it easy, simple and affordable to replace our worst meals with healthy foods that give your body everything you need daily for peak health.

We began with a simple principle: Our bodies are amazing if we treat them well. Eighty percent of health outcomes are tied to our own lifestyle choices, starting with nutrition. Yet the vast majority of us are deprived of the nutrients we need for good health.

We founded Peak Health (originally Nutrient Foods) with a simple vision: What if there was a way to get everything our bodies need and nothing they don’t in one place? What if we could really improve overall health through nutrition?

Like everyone else, we want better health and lives, but we know that busy schedules don’t easily accommodate nutrient-dense diets we get by healthy eating. What if we made eating well easy — especially if we replaced the poor food choices often made during busy times such as breakfast?

We spent five years in R&D to achieve a hard task: creating tasty, simple and complete meals that provide everything our bodies need. We succeeded, and we built a 100,000-square-foot facility in Reno, Nevada (affectionately called “the Beehive”) to hone these simple, powerful meals. We’re proud to offer a number of options to help you build a foundation of good health. Our amazing bodies deserve nothing less.

Our design philosophy

Peak Health foods are designed using the best and accepted external nutritional science. Our magic is combining all the ingredients in simple meals that taste good.  There is no perfect food, but our foods have everything our amazing bodies need and nothing they don’t.

How do we create our foods?

Our goal is to deliver nutrient-dense meals (foods rich in required nutrients with an economy of calories) and in most cases our complete meals have less than 300 calories.

Our foods contain:

  • 100-plus total nutrients, including all essential nutrients
  • Excellent source of protein, 25 vitamins and minerals, and fiber
  • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives
  • GMO-free and gluten-free
  • Most of our products are no added sugar (the amount of sugar we consume is terrible for us). We add sugar to a few products to make the meals edible.
  • Raw Amino Power for muscle health and immediate release of energy
  • No trans-fat and low saturated fat

Why we are different

  • Peak Health is currently funding a research study at Harvard Medical School's affiliated hospital Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
  • We deliver everything our bodies need and nothing they don’t. We take today’s foods to the next level, whether it’s cold cereal, oatmeal, shakes or snacks.
  • Nutrient rich (100+ nutrients), which our bodies need daily to nourish our cells and to avoid inflammation, which is the foundation of peak health.
  • We also avoid using a ton of added sugar.
Why is this important? Our meals promote, beauty, fitness, performance and peak health.
    • Living life without disease
    • 80% of health outcomes are lifestyle choices, starting with our diet
    • Peak Health meals: everything your body needs and nothing it doesn’t for beauty, fitness, performance and peak health.
The body is amazing. Be good to it.

Our foods taste good, and they can be dressed up with healthy additions such as almonds and fruits in our hot and cold cereals, or fruits, kale and even peanut butter in our shakes.

The importance of brain health

About a decade ago, science connected brain health to nutrition. Our diet is an important determinate in maintaining a healthy brain free from diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

We took the world's best nutritional science and created the first complete meal designed to promote brain health and performance. It’s ideal for adults who want to improve focus, memory and cognition and protect their brain health as they age. This product is so important we are launching a clinical study with a major research university to demonstrate the efficacy of our Brain Shake.