Awesome FAQ for Motion

Most of us do not get enough nutrients, which come from our diet. To live, our bodies need oxygen, water, and nutrients. Without nutrients, our body parts wear down and do not work properly, leading to sickness. Nutrient products contain 100 or more nutrients, allowing us to live better and live longer by unlocking the body’s natural power.
Nutrients support growth, regeneration of worn out cells, healing, and make compounds such as hormones to support life. Missing nutrients in your diet leaves the body deficient of what it needs to be at it optimal functionality.
Brain development and maintenance require nutrients in order to properly function throughout life. As we age, nutrients are needed to support brain function such as memory, focus, and concentration. A lifetime of consuming a nutrient-rich diet has been shown to slow the aging process, including preventing potential memory loss. The easiest way to assure that essential nutrient intake is met is to use Nutrient foods regularly.
Healthy foods include the right ratio of nutrients as well as the following:
  • At least 100 nutrients
  • At least 25% of Daily Value (DV) of Protein
  • At least 25% of DV of 14 Vitamins
  • At Least 25% of DV of 12 Minerals
  • At least 350mg of Omega 3s
  • At least 5g of Fiber
  • Potassium/Sodium Ratio > = 2
  • Sodium < 10% of DV (< 240mg)
  • Omega 6 to Omega 3 Ratio < 2
  • < 10 Grams of Sugar
  • < 20% DV of Saturated Fat
  • < 20% DV of Cholesterol
  • <300 calories
  • No trans-fat
  • No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, sweeteners
  • GMO-free
We use Stevia and Monk Fruit. Nutrient is doing its part to provide delicious, healthy foods that are lower in sugar by adding the natural sweeteners, Stevia and Monk Fruit, individually, or in combination. ( ). Stevia and Monk Fruit are natural sweeteners that are safe, taste great, zero calories, and have no impact on blood sugar level.
  • What is Stevia?
    • Stevia is from the leaf of a South American plant and is 200 to 400 times sweeter than regular sugar.
  • What is Monk fruit?
    • Monk fruit, commonly known as Luo Han Guo, is a plant native to southern China and has a sweet flavor similar to sugar with no aftertaste, but is 100 to 250 times sweeter than sugar.
  • Why does Nutrient use Stevia and Monk Fruit in its products?
    • The use of the Stevia and Monk Fruit allows Nutrient to use less sugar in our foods. Our cereals (Maple Almond and Chocolate) need just a few grams of stevia and monk fruit to taste sweet. Our shakes also contain less sugar due to the addition of monk fruit /monk fruit-stevia combination.
The products below include the use of Stevia and/or Monk fruit:
  • Monk fruit - Nutrient Shakes (Vanilla and Chocolate), Cereals (Chocolate and Maple Almond)
  • Monk fruit and Stevia - Brain Shake (Coffee and Chocolate)