Blood Pressure Study FAQs

Nutrient is providing you with two meals and a bar. You can add other foods to these, and then prepare the third meal using the Healthy Eating Guide.
Of course, you can go out to eat while on the aNutrient Blood Pressure program. It would be best to review first, What to Eat When Not Eating Nutrient Foods. Some tips on ordering food out include:
  • Any meat, chicken, or fish entrée, but it is best if they are covered in sauces.
  • Any vegetables and starches; but again, plain is best. Sauces generally are high in sodium, which raises blood pressure.
  • Limit bread and butter ahead of a meal. A salad with added oil and vinegar is a better pre-meal substitute. Soup ahead of a meal, may be full of salt, and avoided.
  • For dessert, either share one, or order fruit.
  • Alcohol is OK, if your doctor approves its use. However, it adds calories and no nutrients, so don’t over do it.
It is possible that you could experience occasional, mild, and possibly uncomfortable side effects such as gas and bloating from eating Nutrient meals. Side effects like these are more likely to occur at the beginning of the program. After a few days your intestines will adapt to the high nutrient foods and the symptoms will subside. Nutrient meals are loaded with nutrients including higher amounts of fiber than you have ordinarily been eating. Thus, your intestine may need some time to adjust. The best advice is to consume each Nutrient meal, including shakes and bars, slowly over 20-30 minutes. You may also want to have a glass of water with each meal, but if so, drink it over the same time period. For any severe pain and continual gastrointestinal symptoms, please consult a physician.
Alcohol, coffee, and anything else you want to eat or drink is fine, as long as your doctor says it’s OK.
If you are not already engaged in regular exercise, consult your physician before starting. If you are already exercising regularly, please continue. Exercise burns calories and promotes weight loss. Each week, you will be asked to record the average duration and type of exercise you did.
The Nutrient Blood Pressure Study provides nearly 100% of your daily need for every essential vitamin and mineral, so there is no need to take any more. However, if you doctor has prescribed a single nutrient to make up a deficiency like vitamin D or B12, then continue taking that. Any other supplement like an herb or other substance like glucosamine is fine to continue taking. If you are not sure, please contact the Blood Pressure Study Head Coach, Rochelle, at
Our Certified Coaches have passed a comprehensive nutrition exam and are certified to provide guidance through Blood Pressure program.
The purpose of the Blood Pressure Study is to determine the effect of eating nutrient-rich foods on blood pressure. We think that Nutrient foods will lower blood pressure in two ways: (1) being high in potassium and low and in sodium; and (2) promoting weight loss.
Nutrient sells foods, which should not have an effect on the medications you are taking. Please ask your doctor if you have concerns.
Eat Nutrient meals whenever you wish, but make sure that you consume the two meals and bar each day.
Below is what we hope that you will do.
  • Completion of weekly questionnaires, in which you will provide your body weight, and blood pressure, once a week two times daily on the same day, with the blood pressure monitor device sent by Nutrient. You’ll also asked other questions about how you feel, what else you ate, and what type of exercise you did.
  • Week four, complete an additional questionnaire of 12 questions about how you are feeling.
  • Week eight, complete an additional questionnaire of 12 questions about how you are feeling. You will also supply two photos (front facing and side view) and one video (1-2 minutes).
  • You will enjoy the program better if you are in regular contact with your Certified Nutrient Coach and attend weekly on-line videos chats for all participants, hosted by the Nutrient Blood Pressure team: Dr. Stacey Bell, a nutrition doctor, who served on the faculty of Harvard Medical School; Adam Kossoff, project manager; and Rochelle Ramacher, Chief Coach.

We first recommend that you contact your Nutrient Coach when you have questions. If your Coach can’t help, please contact the Nutrient Blood Pressure Manager - Adam
Each week, on the same day, please measure your blood pressure and pulse rate using the device that we provided. Pick one day during the week, and in the morning when you wake up, take your blood pressure and pulse rate; and on that same day, do both again when you get into bed. For help in using the monitor, please refer to the video that can be found here.
We hope that you will consume two Nutrient meals and one bar daily. However, if you can’t, please let us know how many you missed on your weekly report that you send to us. If you are finding that you are not consuming most Nutrient meals, please contact your Nutrient Coach or Program Manager.
During the third week of the Nutrient Blood Pressure study, you will need to order more food, which will take you to the end of week 8. You will receive an email reminding you to order you foods from the study manager, Adam.
Please contact your doctor about an significant allergies or concerns related to the foods.