Better health for your patients.
Better economics for you.

80% of health issues can be solved without a single drug or surgery.

We believe in the power of a nutrient dense diet for healing and relief of inflammation, pain, cold, flu, and other negative health conditions. Our programs make it easy for your patients to get the most out of life between visits. Rather than using pharmacological methods, give your patients the power of functional and medical foods and drinks to heal naturally at the cellular level to support your structural treatment. And while their minds and bodies benefit, so does your bottom line.

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Our Programs

Drink Your Vitamins

Functional Drink

CBD Harmony

Medical Foods

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Pushing your Profit Potential

Whether wholesale or direct shipment, you could earn beyond $250k in additional income.

*Graphs projecting 1 year of revenue

For illustrative purposes only. Income dependent on your ability to introduce and convert patients.
Calculate according to your individual practice.

Health Outcomes

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  • 40% off retail
  • 50% off retail for CBD
  • Handle own inventory
  • Biggest opportunity to increase revenue

Direct Ship

  • 30-35% commission
  • 50% off retail for CBD
  • Automatic inventory shipment
  • Annuity for life

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