Chocolate BrainShake

Limited time only $20!   $30

Includes 5 single serve BrainShake meals.

This one of a kind Chocolate Shake for your brain gives you all the energy and focus your brain needs. Power packed with 124 nutrients that keep your brain strong with better memories with a happier mood. Your brain controls memories, thoughts, and directs all of the body's functions, treat it well.

  • 14 Vitamins and 14 Minerals

  • 1,000mg Omega-3; 6g Fiber

  • 18g Protein to keep you full  

  • Gluten free + GMO free

  • No artificial  sweeteners or flavors

Verified  (Happy)  Customers

Tastes great, packed with nutrients!

"Comparing the Brain Shake to my previous smoothie powder, I'm quite shocked. There are at least 3 times as many nutrients in the Brain Shake as there are in what I used to use, and it tastes much better. You can tell by just looking at the powder that it's better for you - definitely good amounts of fiber and the consistency of the fiber is more meaningful in my morning smoothie."

Sarah Steele

Great shake, goes with everything

"We are on our second order of the brain shake. My daughter is a student and struggling to get through medical and radiology classes. She swears it helps with her focus and alertness. My husband loves the chocolate one in the morning with peanut butter and bananas. The taste is really good and I look forward to it myself as well. Downside? I don't care for the smell of the dry powder in the container."

Alicia Robertson

Replaced my old protein shake

"I love the chocolate shake. It is the best tasting and most effective protein shake I have ever tried. I truly see an improvement in my cognitive ability and I am completely satiated. My daughter loves it as well she is eight years old. It has become a key component of our healthy eating and life style. I cannot recommend it more highly to anyone who wants to improve their mental focus and eat clean protein."

Cerys Green

What's Inside?

See how we're making the BrainShake!

Our recent live clinical study

showed real results like you've never seen

91% had more energy

93% felt better

92% lost weight

90% increased focus

“We've done all the ingredient research for the last 5 years so that you don't have to. The BrainShake is truly a perfect product that can give you a better, longer life. I know, it sounds crazy. But with everything your body needs in each meal, you can finally live up to your full potential every day."

Chip Marsland

Creator of the BrainShake

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