Our story is simple

We believe in the unmatched power of the human body. We believe in the ability to naturally heal and protect ourselves. We are designed to live long, healthy lives free of chronic illness, but without access to nutrients it’s impossible. We knew that the vital connection between food and health had to be reconnected and that nutrients were the key to everything.

Why We Do It

Our Purpose

Health Before Health Care

Our Vision

Our Quality

Nutrient Density

Equipped with the top food scientists and research teams, we focus on one thing: creating nutrient-dense meals that are optimal health delivery systems.

Always Tested

From superior ingredients to rigorous quality control testing, our standards are exceptional. We don’t play the food industry’s game of sugar/salt/fat/artificial ingredients, and we never will.

A Forever Feeling

You don’t eat Nutrient for a fleeting hit of gratification. You eat Nutrient for how you’ll feel on the inside and how you’ll look on the outside. Choosing us means choosing health and longevity.

Customer Stories

I honestly have about 20 minutes in the mornings to get out the door for work if I want 6 hours of sleep. The Nutrient Bar has given me everything I need to get to work on time. I'm full until lunch and I get the same energy that I get from a coffee.

Katie L in New York

The whole family is on it! I'm loving the new flavors, too. I've been eating the bars since the beginning when they only had chocolate chip. It's been a staple for my weightloss and I'd be lost without them. Highly recommended from all of us!

Sandy in Texas

Our Mission

To make it easy and affordable for you to get all the nutrients your body needs to thrive. You can do it without us, but it’s complicated and time-consuming. Let us do the work so you can reclaim your life.

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