Health Outcomes - Libido

Many factors affect libido, including high blood pressure and depression. Good nutrition helps maintain steady testosterone or estrogen balance, which refuels hormones and reinvigorates sex drive.

The link between nutrition and libido

It happens to just about everyone: your sex life ebbs and flows. Don’t be shy about telling a doctor what’s going on, since the issue may be fixed. Dietary changes also may help increase libido.

For women, low blood iron levels might dim libido. But taking too much at once (more than 20 mg) is hard to stomach. Try spreading intake out throughout the day. Men who have low libido often have other health conditions, such as high blood pressure or depression. Some specific nutrients may help with libido. The amino acid L-arginine helps make nitric oxide, which has been shown to improve erections. Niacin is a B vitamin that raises “good” cholesterol level and helps correct erectile dysfunction.