How it Works - Health starts with the brain

Health Starts with the Brain
"There is emerging evidence that dietary choices are playing an entirely undervalued role in the prevention and treatment of neurological and psychiatric conditions."
-Dr. Alan Logan, ND, FRSH
True health and wellness starts with a healthy brain. The brain is the body’s central processing unit. It uses 25 percent of the energy and 40 percent of the nutrients we get from foods, yet it weighs just 2 percent of our total body weight.

Importance of healthy brain function —
Nutritious foods that have the right kinds and right amounts of nutrients to properly nourish our cells allow our brains to function properly. A healthy brain supports the health of our nine major body systems (circulatory, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, immune, digestive, skeletal, excretory and muscular) and allows them to function properly as well. We can’t have one without the other.

Importance of gut-brain axis —
Simply put, the gut-brain axis is the interrelation between the gastrointestinal tract and the central nervous system. The gut begins at the mouth and ends at the anus. It contains more than 100 million nerve cells that communicate with the brain. Healthy communication between these two systems is critical to our health and wellness.

Importance of reducing oxidative stress —
Free radicals damage and kill our cells, which accelerates the aging process. Oxidative stress can lead to impairment of cognitive functions, create inflammation, and it also is linked to chronic disease.

Importance of nutrients in preventing neurological disease —
Our brains need a steady supply of nutrients to function properly. This constant supply of nutrients protects our brains from long-term damage caused by nutrient deficiencies. Good nutrition throughout our lives can prevent, slow or even halt mental decline and the progression of cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Lastly, since our brains are 60 percent fat, we need to regularly consume healthy fats such as omega 3s to maintain healthy brain function. And many scientists believe the lipid phosphatidylserine positively affects brain health.