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The Easiest Way to Eat Healthy

"This is the first comprehensive food or drink being brought to market that I have seen intended to improve the performance of the brain, as well as protect our brain as we age"
-Dr. Fernando Gomez-Pinilla, a professor of Neurology at the UCLA

It’s hard to eat right. Every day we are bombarded with new and conflicting information about what’s really healthy for us. Our team of experts in nutrition and food science has done the legwork for you. Let’s start with breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but many breakfast foods are ultra processed and generally unhealthy. Peak Health provides healthy breakfast foods that can be consumed quickly or eaten on the go. Our cereal, hot rice cereal, oatmeal and Everything Shakes/Brain Shakes are an easy, simple and affordable way to start your day right.

  • Simple and Easy — Just add water, stir and enjoy. For our Health Shakes or Brain Shakes, mix in the blender with your favorite beverage and add-ons such as berries or a frozen banana.
  • Affordable — Our foods and shakes are less than a fancy and unhealthy Starbucks mocha. Breakfast foods and Everything Shakes are about $2.50 per meal, while our Brain Shakes are about $4 per meal.

Peak Health provides nutrition where we need it the most. Replace bad meals completely with foods that provide everything we need in each meal to stay healthy, heal and thrive.