How it Works- Good food is nutrient dense

Importance of Nutrient-Dense Foods

"If you want to maximize your potential in life, you must support your brain nutritionally."
-Martin Katzman, MD, FRCP(c)

Taste, texture and other sensory factors often motivate us to buy and eat certain foods, but what we really should consider is the nutritional profile of our foods.

The inside of foods, or their nutritional profile, is what truly matters to our health and wellness. Foods rich in nutrients provide our brains and bodies with the ingredients they need to stay health, heal and thrive.

It’s also important that we avoid foods high in bad fats, salt and refined sugar, as well as artificial colors, flavors and preservatives and trans fats.

Peak Health's recommendation for better health and wellness is simple:

  • Enjoy one or two of our healthy, nutrient-dense meals each day
  • Eat a healthy third meal — preferably one with a variety of vegetables, fruits and fish for additional omega 3s
  • Consume a Brain Shake each day to boost mental performance and maintain brain health
  • Coming soon — Healthiest Snack bars for nutritious snacking between meals