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“THE SUPER OATMEAL IS SUPER! Taste, texture and ready to eat in two minutes. Add frozen fruit and whatta a great breakfast, you are ready to start the day.”

I am a 57 year old runner. I was experiencing tiredness, lack of energy after working out. After using The Everything Shake I have more energy and quicker recovery with more energy to burn. I am impressed!

"Starting my day with a Peak Health chocolate shake makes me feel more energized, focused, and ready to face the day's challenges than any number of cups of coffee would."

“With Peak Health, I have more energy and feel healthier overall. Due to a ​gastro-​intestinal health condition I have had since 1985, "Crohn's disease", I have to really watch what I eat. Most of the time my body does not have the opportunity to absorb nutrients from foods (because they pass through the system far too quickly); I had been in a constant state of feeling run down and depleted for many years.

I was very excited when I found these foods a couple of years ago. My favorites are the shakes and the hot rice cereal. My body tolerates these foods and I feel that I am finally able to get the nutrition my body has been craving for years. I now have more energy and an overall healthier feeling both mentally and physically. I am looking forward to trying the brain shakes next.

I want to sincerely thank you for providing these very important foods for me.”

“My husband loves to eat the Super Oatmeal Apple Cinnamon when I am out of town, which is quite often. He finds it tasty to eat, easy to make, and it fills him up. Thank you Peak Health for giving him a perfect meal when I am not there to make a home-cooked one.” -Wife, East Coast somewhere

“My body, the gym, and lifting are some of the most important things to me. These foods give me the energy to spend hours at the gym, and it feeds my body exactly what it needs. My muscles are thriving and my body fat has dropped to about 3%. I'll keep eating it everyday incorporated into my meal plan for as long as I possibly can.” - Aaron M., 23

“Four years ago I suffered a severe stroke which left me immobile. Due to not being able to walk or exercise, I gained several extra pounds. A friend of mine told me he'd lost weight by drinking the Brain Shake so I thought I'd give it a try. I drank a Brain Shake for breakfast and lunch, then I ate a regular healthy meal for dinner. After two months, I lost 25 pounds. In addition, I found my short term memory had sharpened. The Brain Shake tastes good and I was not at all hungry between meals. I am continuing to use this product to maintain my weight loss.​​”

“I've made the Peak Health oatmeal for breakfast everyday for the last 4 months. You would think that only 22 bites of something would leave you hungry, but it doesn't. It's 4 hours before I even think about food, and I have all the energy I need. It falls under the category for most people as too good to be true but they keep asking me why I look and feel so good. It's not a secret...It's Peak Health.”

“I am loving the Chocolate Everything Shake for breakfast every morning. It’s delicious, and so quick and easy to prep. The best part of it is that it fills me up till lunchtime.”

“I am not a big oatmeal person but I took the oatmeal mix and made oatmeal cookies which I have every norming so I know my husband and I are getting all the nutrients we need.”

“I have the worst snacking habits and always have to be eating something — which means 40 extra pounds. I have found the Wonder Bar which has saved me. I have lost 20 pounds. The really interesting thing is that everyone is saying ‘What are your doing? Your skin looks great!’”

“This stuff is the best! Fills you up and keeps you full! Love It!”

“Tastes great! Great after my morning workout!”

“I am almost 90 years old and my kids worry about my eating habits, because I have a terrible sweet tooth and don’t get the exercise I once did. My children have given me three meals that I love. The Peak Health oatmeal which I put raspberries and almonds on (and don’t tell my son but a little brown sugar); the chocolate shake which I make with ice, almond chocolate milk and a little peanut butter and have as my desert! And the wonder bar to nibble on during the day. I feel great and it is great to have meals which are not hard to make.”

“The Wonder Bars are superb, I eat them as a snack because they make me full and not hungry for hours.”

“I have been consuming the shakes since they were first introduced and they are not only the best tasting shakes I've ever had - they taste better than ice cream! And I feel so good and satisfied. Excellent job Peak Health.”

“The Wonder Bar has become my go-to snack when I’m on-the-go! It doesn’t leave me feeling bloated like other protein bars on the market, it tastes great, and it makes me feel good knowing that I’m doing the healthy thing for my body.”

“Tastes great and packed with nutrients! Comparing the Brain Shake to my previous smoothie powder, I'm quite shocked. There are at least 3 times as many nutrients in the Brain Shake as there are in what I used to use, and it tastes much better. You can tell by just looking at the powder that it's better for you - definitely good amounts of fiber and the consistency of the fiber is more meaningful in my morning smoothie - with some added blueberries and strawberries, it's a great way to start the day!”

“It’s more than just cereal Amazing stuff! I have it over yogurt or with fruit and coconut milk. And I make incredible nutrition bars by mixing it with peanut butter, coconut flakes and chocolate bits. Yum!”

“The vanilla shake is perfect for breakfast! I just blend up the powder with a few ice cubes and a splash of milk and it keeps me full until lunch. The chocolate shake is pretty good too when mixed with peanut butter and milk.”

I would love to give you my testimony on what happen to my health after eating these foods with all the essential nutrients in them that I started eating Feb. 9, 2015. This might be a little long, but when you live to be in your seventies and misuses your body as I did you have some health problems. I smoked for 55+ years, in 2007 I was diagnosed with COPD, and in 2008 they said I had congestive heart failure - so for 8 years I’ve used a combivent ​[inhaler] ​6 or 7 times a day for my breathing.

Now after 22 months on these foods, I am very happy to say I only use my inhaler 1 or 2 times a day. I went to the heart doctor 4 times every year for the last 7 years, and on May 26, 2015 the heart doctor actually released me and said that I did not need to come back anymore - that I can just see my main doctor!

There is a lot more but this is enough to let you know that I am a VERY HAPPY man. To update, early December (2016) I used 4 different pills for my congestive heart failure, and now I am down to just 2.”

“My family and I enjoy the cereal every day with fruit and almond milk. Even my husband, who is very picky I might add, loves it. It cuts my cravings and is very filling. I still am not sure how much I need to cut back on supplements, as i usually take a vitamin, calcium and omega. My granddaughter is at college and I supply her faithfully.”

“I am an entrepreneur and eating is often compromised. I love the shake, and I love the taste–no matter what I mix it with. It is an important part of my day! Energetically it helps me maintain throughout my day. I have shared it with many of my friends hoping to introduce them to the benefits of the Everything Shake.”

“I use the Brain Shake as a snack, especially in the afternoon which gives me a lot of concentration and focus without making any effort for it! I eat the oatmeal and cereal for lunch and dinner. The most incredible thing for me is the satiety! I was always hungry and since I started eating Peak Health oatmeal and cereal a year and a half ago, I have lost 25 pounds without changing any other eating habits! This is awesome for me! Since I use these products on a regular basis, my hypoglycemia trouble is gone and so is my hip pain.”

“I love the Vanilla shake. It mixes up a lot easier then the chocolate one did plus there is so many ways that you can make different great tasting shakes. I use Nestle nesquik chocolate with no added sugar and strawberry flavor, as well as powdered peanut butter. They all shake up great. In the blender, I use frozen fruit.

“I take the Brain Shake everyday. I usually mix it with bananas and pineapple and it suffices as a meal replacement. I’ve noticed improved mental acuity, increase in energy levels and my hair and nails are growing faster as well. I’m going to try and add more Peak Health meals to my daily routine and I look forward to the long term benefits.” -Mark E.

“I am not a shake person but as a 65 year old, I know have to protect my brain. I love that the brain shake has all the nutrients my brain needs. So I put the chocolate powder in my greek yogurt every morning. Yum!”

“My day doesn't feel optimized unless I start it with a Peak Health shake. The energy and satisfaction my morning chocolate peak health smoothie provides is totally worth the odd looks from coworkers when I fire up my blender in the company kitchen.”

“Unfortunately like many, I am divorced and one of the biggest issues is that I’m worried my son is not always getting good nutrition. When he is with me, we are on a health regimen that we both love. Everyone morning, he actually asks for Peak Health oatmeal over Captain Crunch! It tastes great. And I love the coffee flavored Brain Shake. Best tasting shake I’ve tried, and I have tried most!”

“What a great way to start your day. I love this cereal! Instead of milk, I add it to my Greek yogurt for a super nutritious, protein packed breakfast. Not only does it keep me satisfied until lunch, it's got all the vitamins & minerals I need, so I don't have to worry about that.”

“I have been drinking the Brain Shake daily now for 5 months. Since I’ve started I’ve noticed several positive changes in my life and my body. None are more important however than the increased energy I have at work throughout the day and into the night. This enables me to excel both at my job and in my personal life which comes with a whole other set of benefits. Additionally I have now lost all the unwanted weight I had and feel as healthy as ever!”

“I love the peak health oatmeal which I eat every morning, very predictable, and I am not hungry for hours!”

“BEST RICE CEREAL EVER!! Love it! I use it every day and it tastes so good and is so satisfying.”

“Events in my life have made it difficult for me to always provide the complete meals which my husband relies on. Then I found the Everything Shake, which he loves and often drinks as a complete meal. In our busy lives, it is great to have an easy and simple way to feed our loved ones.”

“In just 1 week I have already lost 4 pounds eating a shake and oatmeal during day and still eating a full dinner. I like this routine.”

“Drinking the Brain Shake in the morning gives me a kick-start to my day and I have terrific focus well past lunch.”

“I’ve been eating the Everything Shake for over 2 years. I try to get in 1 Peak Health meal a day and the positive benefits have been astounding. I’m an avid crossfitter, runner, as well as many other sports, so performance is my main concern at 30 years old. Since starting 1 meal a day I lost 8lbs in a matter of 2 months. I don’t have weight to lose so now instead of replacing a meal I add a 4th meal to my day and it has really helped my workouts. I can see the lean muscle i’ve gained and the extra fat i’ve dropped. It's also helped with digestion which had always been a major problem for me pre-workouts. Now I feel at my best before every workout. Thanks Peak Health!” -Mike L.

“I really like the vanilla shake a lot. It tastes so good and aids digestion and is packed with protein which I love.”

“Awesome, I use one percent milk and a few ice cubes, taste delish! Great way to get nutrients our bodies need!”

“I’m very conscious about my health, diet, and exercise. I am always trying new protein shakes, workouts, anything to see if there’s something that will actually work. The first time I tried the Brain Shake, I felt like I was on some Limitless pill (it’s a movie). I was focused and energized which is almost unheard of in a shake. I’ve been on the Brain Shake for a little over 2 weeks now and I have lost over 7 pounds, haven’t eaten any sh*tty foods, and haven’t felt better; I’ve gotten my entire family on it. I’ve cracked the code to the best tasting shake; 2 scoops of brain shake, almond milk, dehydrated peanut butter, and the key ingredient...frozen bananas. I just got back from 2 days in NY and have been craving it, almost don’t want to eat anything else...weird feeling. This product only works if you use it, consistently...if you’re one of those people who quit after a day or so, shame on you and probably not worth your time.

If you want to be healthy, lose weight, and be have found your solution.” -Z

“So worth the money! I feel the difference it makes in my cognitive health and skin.”

“The product shipped in time. The taste was great. I will recommend this product to all my family and friends.”

“About 2 ½ years ago I started drinking the Brain Shake which helped with my focus at work as well as in my personal life. I noticed a change in my weight – I ended up losing weight, not even on purpose – and I felt more energized, which all boosted my confidence. Having the clarity that I have now, I am glad that I have been able to branch out of my comfort zone to try something new, rather than relying on junk for a pick-me-up. Peak Health foods have altered my norm on health as well as eating habits. I am so thankful for these products and the brains behind it.”

“I like the shakes. I have a Brain Shakes and Everything Shakes alternating each day. I eat them as a meal substitute and not for weight loss.”

“The products have made a significant impact on my life. I've been eating the oatmeal from day one. I have the oatmeal & chocolate shake every day.”

“Ummm, Ummm good!! Just an amazing product!!! Thumbs up.”


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