Extraordinary Technology

We started with what nature created and enhanced it with science.

Our design criteria was simple – to create the perfect food that boosts

your body’s natural power. We spent seven years in R&D before we nailed it.

Nutrient foods and drinks give your body everything it needs without excess calories or inflammatory ingredients.

It’s time to break the stranglehold that drugs, pills, supplements and artificial stimulants have on you.

  • Natural Base
  • Nutrient Dense
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Nothing artificial
  • Complete meal
  • Limited calories
  • Limited and good carbs
  • No food waste

  • Nutrient Dense

    Feed your greatness.
    World’s most nutrient dense food.
    Everything your body needs to perform and heal.
    nuboost anti inflammartory


    Do no harm.
    Eliminate ingredients that damage the body.
    World’s most anti-inflammatory complete meals.