Team Challenge Updates

Here we are at day 12, and many participants are still doing well. I learned from the Millennial Team that the weight loss aspect of the Challenge is nice, but really, the fact that all the nutrients are provided in an easy-to-use way is better. The participants talked about having a bit of a rough start, analogous to a de-tox program, in terms of changes to the GI tract. But none precluded them from eating the five recommended meals each day. Symptoms, mainly related to increased gas production, subsided over time. One participant talked about the low cost of the foods in comparison to his usual pattern of eating out. A decrease in cravings, in particular sugar, was observed by one person. He told me to walk by a cart of free pastries at work was a big turning point in his life. A week ago, he would have consumed several of them. See, taste bud rehab really does occur.

Every day I learn something new about the Challenge participants. The group is experiencing lots of energy - a sustained energy without mid-day crashes. This is totally explainable, because Nutrient foods contain the right, energy-yielding carbohydrates that are slowly absorbed leading to a long-term source of energy for the body. I also heard about the convenience of the foods, especially from people who work long hours outside the home. Still some talk about a bit of gas in the GI tract. It was not enough to cut back on consuming the five meals, but enough to know that something is happening. For sure, the microbiome - the healthy bacteria in the colon - are being properly nourished and getting adjusted to the fiber in the meals.

Today on day 10, the feedback from the Team is terrific. The common threads were having more energy and fewer cravings. What a wonderful combination. Reports of GI side effects were minimal, even in those consuming the five Nutrient meals each day. One participant was a near-vegetarian, who typically consumed very small amounts of omega-3 fats. She remarked that she's just happier and has a greater zest for life. Omega-3 fats promote a happy mood, so it all makes sense.

Another team talked about their weight loss successes. Wow. In only 9 days, and without hunger and cravings, the Team lost an average of 9 pounds. I heard that people experienced less stress, better sleep, and all remarked about the convenience of the Nutrient foods. One person talked about small amount of gas, which was likely produced by healthy gut bacteria called probiotics. This is a natural and healthy process that strengthens the GI tract and gets rids the body of harmful bacteria. This is referred to as resetting the microbiome.

Participants are well into the Challenge and good things are happening. Those that follow the program most closely - that is eating five meals each day - experience spontaneous weight loss without hunger or cravings. It may have taken a week to get to this point, but the pay off is so rewarding. Various GI symptoms that some have experienced are subsiding or non-existent.

Today is the eighth day of the Challenge, and I heard a lot of new things happening to people.

  • After one week, many reported more energy, better sleep, and having fewer cravings, especially for sugar.
  • Participants like the convenience, especially of the bars. Compared to other snacks, Nutrient bars are healthier.
  • The foods take the guess work out of what to eat. We talked about the concept of nutrient-density - that each bite of food has all of and the right balance of nutrients. This is in contrast to all other foods and supplements.
  • The groups seemed to turn a corner and are finding that they aren't having any problems sticking with the Challenge.

On Saturday, members of different Teams joined the Zoom call. We had about a dozen on the call and with different ages. I learned:

Young: Two college women were pleased to say that they able to fit Nutrient meals into their busy schedules, having better focus, less stress, and losing a few pounds.
Middle-age: The group reported more energy. One person had fewer mid-day crashes. She had experienced hypoglycemia in the past, and now with the slow-releasing carbohydrates in Nutrient meals, she has more energy and no crashes. A husband and wife said they recently gained a little weight and wanted to take it off. They enjoy the ease of and taking the guess work out of eating while using Nutrient foods.
Older: This group reported sleeping better, which had been a problem for many in the past. One man had achy muscles, which are now much better. His wife reported fewer wrinkles. They are a very happy couple.

Everyone is happy with their progress and I am grateful for their participation. Thank you, Dr. Stacey Bell

The teams are doing well on day 4. I learned a few new things today:
1. Many participants reported increased energy levels.
2. Some people can't eat all five Nutrient meals each day. That is fine, as long as each participant records this on the daily data forms.
3. Teams are very creative sharing recipes, especially for shakes and meals. I was very impressed to hear this. Again, anything added to Nutrient meals or consumed during the day beside our meals should be recorded on the daily data form.
4. I didn't hear a lot of complaints of hunger. In fact, just the opposite - that people were pleasantly full and satisfied.

On day 2 of the Challenge, participants reported having more energy sleeping better, and being full. They commented how nice it is to eat real foods and have such a variety.

I met with the Athletes team to discuss how their first day went. I learned that everyone had a lot of energy, and felt full, even forgetting that they needed to eat the Nutrient meals.

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The Doctor Answers Your Questions
I want to be able to go out at night. I am not going to eat only Nutrient meals every day - but I want to participate. However, I want to go out to dinner.
Please do, just record what you eat. We would love to see how things work for people who stick w/ the program 100% and for people who eat other things as well.
This seems like such an easy way to eat with everything I need. Could I potentially do this for the rest of my life?
You asked a terrific question about how long could you continue with the Nutrient Loading program and what else could you eat while doing that. We have published data from nearly 100 other people, who consumed Nutrient meals for three months. From them, I learned that using Nutrient Loading for three months is an effective and safe way to lose weight.

Given what you told me about your busy life and recurrence of weight gained after losing it, I would recommend the following for you:
  • Use the Nutrient Loading program for three month. During that time, you don't need to eat anything else, but certainly can include healthy fruits and vegetables, and use some form of milk (e.g., soy, regular milk, almond), when preparing the Shakes. You should weigh yourself weekly to make sure that you are losing about one to two pounds each week.
  • After three months, switch to the Nutrient Life program. It includes two Nutrient meals each day and a guide to healthy eating. Weight regain is almost universal and likely related to not getting all the essential nutrients. With this plan, you'll cover 2/3 of your nutrient needs and by eating a third healthy meal, you'll be all set in meeting your nutrient needs.
  • If you find yourself regaining weight on Nutrient Life, switch back to Nutrient Loading until you lose the weight.

    I hope this helps and am grateful for your participation in this program.
I'm having a bit of a problem...The food is giving my baby and I a lot of gas....I'm nursing. I had to buy him gripe water because the baby was so uncomfortable. It's the only thing I've changed in my diet. I was hoping to use this system to help with my postpartum weight. Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you for your inquiry about the use of Nutrient meals to lose weight while nursing. I am sorry that your baby is uncomfortable, and as you stated, the only thing that you changed was to use Nutrient meals.

Because you are nursing, your nutrient needs are different than what Nutrient meals are providing, which are for healthy, non-pregnant, non-nursing individuals. I appreciate that you'd like to lose weight, but think it is best that you do not use our products until after you are done nursing.
I have been looking at the ingredients in the food and I am curious why is there Soy in the products?

I have been studying nutrients and ingredients in the past year or so and have heard from several different sources that soy is not good for us.

I can't remember exactly what was said about soy and cancer but I actually stopped using products last year because the bars, etc contained Soy! ( something about raising estrogen)

My mom had breast cancer and so I would like your feedback on this.
You ask a good question, and one that we thoroughly investigated at Nutrient, before using soy protein in our foods. I have seen a lot of things online about how bad soy is, but none were substantiated by science.

We reviewed only scientifically published articles and concluded:
  • Soy has the highest protein value, meaning that it is ideal for the body to repair itself and grow new muscles.
  • People who eat a lot of soy have lower cancer risks. Soy protein, unlike meats, contains protective antioxidants and other compounds from the plant that protect you from getting cancer.
  • Some doctors caution against using soy in women who have breast cancer or those with a family history. I suggest, given your family history, that you speak to your doctor.

For the general population, soy protein is a wonderful, vegetarian protein, which is why we are using it.

Do you allow any other foods - fresh produce, chicken, spices or anything?
We have provided a Healthy Food Guide
I assume we are not drinking alcohol, but what about coffee?
Alcohol, coffee, and anything else you want to eat or drink is fine, as long as it is recorded on the daily log.
How about fitness? Our regular routine, or more or less?
Any exercise, or no exercise is fine, but if you do, record the duration and type on the daily log. The focus is on the food and not providing guidelines for exercise but it is a good thing to do.
Should I keep taking my daily multi-vitamin during The Challenge?
The spirit of the Nutrient Loading Challenge is to consume five Nutrient meals each day. This provides you with more than enough vitamins and minerals, so no other supplements are needed either in beverages or as pills. If you want to lose weight, then the five meals plus six to eight glasses of water, tea, or coffee should suffice. If you are at a good weight, then you should still consume the five Nutrient meals and fluids. You may also want to consult Nutrient's guidelines of healthy eating to see what else you should include in your diet to keep your weight stable.
I'm experiencing some uncomfortable digestive side effects and seem to have painful gas and bloating.
For any severe pain and continual gastrointestinal symptoms, please consult a physician. It is possible that you could experience occasional, mild, but uncomfortable, side effects like gas and bloating from eating Nutrient meals. These are likely to occur at the beginning of the Challenge but after a few days your intestine will adapt and the symptoms subside. Nutrient meals are loaded with nutrients including fiber, which you intestine may not be used to seeing. The best advice is to consume each Nutrient offering, including shakes and bars, slowly over 20-30 minutes. You may also want to have a glass of water with each meal, but if so, please drink that slowly and make it last at least 20 minutes.
How long can your meals sit (after you make them) before the nutrients start to degrade?
Thank you for asking the question about how long it takes for nutrients in Nutrient meals to degrade. I understand that some people may prepare a Nutrient meal, get busy with other things, and not be able to eat it until a significant time has passed - say, up to one hour. There is no harm in delaying eating a Nutrient meal over one hour. As far as nutrient degradation, I don't know the exact loss of nutrients over one hour, but expect it is minimal. We have conducted tests on our meals using microwaving, and nutrient degradation is non-existent. Based on this finding, Nutrient meals sitting around would lead me to think that loss of nutrients is also minimal. What I can promise is that you are still getting more nutrients per bite of food than from any other food on the planet. So a little loss, if it exists at all, has no impact on your body.