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Study Overview


  • Enrollment: Complete questionnaires.

  • Sign consent, which states that you have asked your doctor for permission to participate in the study.

  • Order Nutrient meals and bars to cover first 30 days (60 meals + 30 bars)

  • Receive first food order and blood pressure measuring device.

  • Meet your Certified Nutrient Coach via email.

  • Complete "pre" photos and video submission (2 photos and 1 video).


  • Complete weekly data collection forms.

  • Join optional weekly call with Nutrient Coaches and Nutrient Study Organizers to ask questions and talk about your experience.

  • Re-Order second round of Nutrient meals to cover the remainder of Study (55 meals + 30 bars).


  • Complete last weekly data collection form.

  • Complete final form and final quality of life form.

  • Complete "post" photos and video submission (2 photos and 1 video).