For best results, slowly, taking up to 20-30 minutes to finish it. Never before has your body experienced a food that is this rich in essential nutrients. It takes time for all parts of the digestive system to assimilate all of the nutrients.

If your body weight is small (< 150 pounds), take longer. When food enters the stomach, it is slowly released into the intestine, where nutrient digestion and absorption takes place. When you eat slowly, your body fully digests and absorbs all the nutrients. When you eat or drink too quickly, the stomach releases its contents too fast and the intestine can’t keep up. All Peak Health products are loaded with nutrients, more so than any other food on the planet. To assure that everything is fully absorbed and used, take your time and enjoy! :)

Our shakes are great paired with soy or regular milk, fruit, vegetables, peanut butter, and more!