Carol's Story
“I was amazed how clear my thinking process became just after a few Brain Shakes and Oatmeal. I am 62 years old and after using this product I feel like I’m 40. I have the energy to stay out of retirement now! Thank you, I plan to be a loyal customer of your wonderful product and can’t wait to share this with my family and friends.”
Age: 62, Passion: Welding, Product: BrainShake
Corbin's Story
“The Nutrient Shakes and Cereal have changed the way we start our day. Seven months of eating Nutrient foods twice a day and my wife was declared no longer a Type II Diabetic. We also both have lost over 40 lbs each and the weight has stayed off, so yeah... we think this product is great!​”
Age: 33, Passion: Family, Product: Vanilla Shake
Allie's Story
“I’ve been making the Nutrient Shake for over 2 years. I try to get in at least 1 Nutrient meal a day and the positive benefits have been astounding. I’m an avid crossfitter, runner, and enjoy any activity that takes me outside, so performance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is my main concern at 26 years old. Since I started eating 1 meal a day I lost 8lbs in a matter of 2 months. Thanks Nutrient, so glad I found you!"
Age: 26, Passion: Anything Outdoors, Product: Nutrient Shake
Frank & Linda's Story
“Nutrient Oatmeal and Hot Rice cereal totally changed our lives forever. We both were borderline Type II diabetics and after our last checkups our Physicians were astounded that was no longer the case. I've also lost over 20 lbs and am able to maintain my weight. I think this could be a solution for lots of people!​”
Age: 87, Passion: Family, Product: Oatmeal
Brian's Story
“I’ve been drinking the Brain Shake for almost a year. I've been amazed at the added mental clarity and increased energy levels. I’m a pretty avid runner, and backpacker and maintaining a healthy body and mind is very important to me as I approach my 40's. I take the bars and warm meals with me when I go backpacking and never feel tired or hungry. Nutrient has really hit on something."
Age: 38, Passion: Running & Backpacking, Product: Chocolate Brain Shake
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