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Better Life with Nutrients

“As a emergency room physician, I don’t have time to figure out how to eat better. The great thing about Peak Health is it is all done for you! I can go about my busy day and still eat good stuff even when I don’t have time for it. Plus I am starting to lose weight.”

“After the first 3 days of drinking a Brain Shake everyday, my energy levels jumped dramatically. The ability to get such such good food so easily made me feel better than I have in years​.”

“As an early childhood educator and a current stay at home mother of two toddlers, life can get busy. I am always searching for healthy options to feed my family but convenience is not always realistic when I'm in a mad dash out the door in the mornings.

With The Everything Shake I don't feel like I have to sacrifice health for convenience.

In a matter of minutes I have a breakfast that my kids love and I stay track with my caloric intake for the day. I feel a subconscious guilt free attitude when days go by that I have forgotten to give my kids their vitamins because Peak Health products pack in so many beneficial nutrients. Great all inclusive product for the busy but health conscious mom!”

-Jessica L.

​"Peak Health has improved my skin and boosted my energy! I love the shake and usually drink it for breakfast. I make mine with almond milk, and it's rich and creamy and stays with me all day. Cellular satiety! As I began to daily eat two to three servings of the foods, my complexion cleared and actually began to glow. Oily skin and breakouts that I have had for a lifetime ended. Severe eczema, which I have had for years and my doctor could not heal with RX ornament, subsided 90%. My usual Boundless Energy Quantum leaped to Infinity. I am sleeping more soundly and have healthy pink fingernails. I enjoy the feeling of self-esteem I get from knowing I'm taking the best possible care of my health.​"​

“About 2 ½ years ago I started drinking the Brain Shake which helped with my focus at work as well as in my personal life. I noticed a change in my weight – I ended up losing weight, not even on purpose – and I felt more energized, which all boosted my confidence.

Having the clarity that I have now, I am glad that I have been able to branch out of my comfort zone to try something new, rather than relying on junk for a pick-me-up. Peak Health foods have altered my norm on health as well as eating habits. I am so thankful for these products and the brains behind it.”

Health with Nutrients

“The Peak Health oatmeal and hot rice cereal totally changed our lives forever. Seven months of eating Peak Health foods twice a day and my wife was declared no longer a Type II Diabetic.

We also both have lost over 40 lbs each and the weight has stayed off, so yeah... we think this product is great!​”

“Before starting to regularly drink the Brain Shake I experienced severe migraine headaches for about 2 years. I would get migraines a couple of times per week and each time I would be fairly useless for at least a couple of hours. Multiple Doctor visits and MRI’s couldn’t detect a cause and I was told it was probably brought on by stress, diet or even the environment.

I was slowly accepting that I may have to deal with migraines for the rest of my life. Then my dad introduced me to the Brain Shake. Once the Brain Shake became a part of my daily breakfast routine the migraines have mostly disappeared and even if I do get one occasionally they are not nearly as intense as they used to be. Thank you Peak Health for removing that pain and daily uncertainty from my life!” -Adam E.

“I’ve been eating the Everything Shake for over 2 years. I try to get in 1 Peak Health meal a day and the positive benefits have been astounding. I’m an avid crossfitter, runner, as well as many other sports, so performance is my main concern at 30 years old. Since starting 1 meal a day I lost 8lbs in a matter of 2 months.

I don’t have weight to lose so now instead of replacing a meal I add a 4th meal to my day and it has really helped my workouts. I can see the lean muscle i’ve gained and the extra fat i’ve dropped. It's also helped with digestion which had always been a major problem for me pre-workouts. Now I feel at my best before every workout. Thanks Peak Health!” -Mike L.

“I was skeptical, how could oatmeal make me healthier? My medical numbers were always off, so I gave Peak Health a try. After 4 months I went back to my doctor and much to my amazement, my numbers were perfect. I will never go a day without a Peak Health meal.”

“I love food and it shows, being 50 pounds overweight and having less energy and mobility. I once thought of myself as athletic and active but I had lost this … until I found Peak Health. I have lost 1/2 of my goal and feel like a new person. Plus I’m healthier. My triglyceride level has improved (213 → 158) and HDL cholesterol has increased by 15%!”

Weight Loss with Nutrients

“Peak Health foods have literally changed my life! Along with losing approximately 200 pounds, I have gained my mobility and my life back. Since losing the weight, my health has done a complete 180.

I now go to the gym and do yoga. I drive​,​ and get in and out of vehicles much more easily. I even flew to Texas this summer and sat in coach! The first time that I can remember – I used to have to fly first class with the bigger seat. I can now go up stairs normally, instead of one at a time, and I'm not winded at the top because ​​my breathing has drastically improved. I'm able to clean, do work around the yard, and even clean the pool - all things other people used to do for me. I now sleep in my bed, instead of on the recliner or couch.

The food tastes great and has the most convenient preparation ever. The best part is I feel nutritionally satisfied with all those nutrients feeding my body.​ ​I'm not at all hungry!!! Thank you to everyone at Peak Health.” -Gus S.

“I’ve been in shape for all my life but it has been harder as I hit middle age. Within two weeks of eating Peak Health twice a day, I dropped my excess 5 to 10 pounds and bid a long overdue farewell to my muffin top.”

“In just 1 week I have already lost 4 pounds eating a shake and oatmeal during day and still eating a full dinner. I like this routine.”

“When I first started drinking the Everything Shake I was an 18-year old girl that weighed over 200 lbs. The scale and I were not friends. Just by drinking a shake every mid-morning and going to the gym more frequently, I lost 60 pounds after just 8 months. Best of all, even while losing weight, I still eat what I want throughout the day and the weight doesn’t come back!

Additionally, I’ve always had seasonal eczema that never seemed to go away, no matter what I tried. Since I started eating Peak Health foods I haven’t seen a trace of my eczema. I didn’t even realize at first it was the food, but then I heard of a few others who had the same results! The benefits are endless.

When you’re getting the right nutrients, your body does what it’s supposed to and brings you to your peak-you! Feeling healthy and nourished is almost an indescribable feeling. I feel better than ever and this food will be a staple for me for the rest of my very long, healthy life.” -LM., 20

Mental Clarity with Nutrients

“After only 3 days on the brain shake, I already feel better focus and clarity.”

“I am a 33 year old male and have been exercising for my whole life. I have transitioned from a collegiate athlete to formal exercise routines. I do not take supplements or extra vitamins because I principally believe we should attain nutrients through our diet. I have been drinking the brain shake for 6 months now and will also occasionally eat the Peak Health oatmeal. Implementing these into my diet has improved my cognitive awareness, responsiveness, and alertness at a surprising level. I started somewhat skeptical about the brain shake, but adding this to my diet has improved my performance and decision making at work drastically while it also helps me recover after exercise as I re-fuel for my next regimen. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone.”
-Matt Lambeth, PT, DPT, CSCS Doctor of Physical therapy and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

“I was amazed how clear my thinking process became just after a few Brain Shakes and Oatmeal. I am 71 years old and after using this product I feel like I’m 40. Thank you, I plan to be a loyal customer of your wonderful product and can’t wait to share this with my family and friends.”

“I am not a shake person but as a 65 year old, I know have to protect my brain. I love that the brain shake has all the nutrients my brain needs. So I put the chocolate powder in my greek yogurt every morning. Yum!”

“​​This should be called super-food​. ​One of my elderly patients suffers from mild to moderate cognitive deficits and mild to moderate low back pain. He had a work injury which involved a head-on collision while working as a state trooper. He started eating one bowl of the Peak Health oatmeal every day. He told me they should call it a super-food because it cleared up his cognition dramatically and helped with pain control! He was very happy with the benefits he experienced by eating the apple cinnamon oatmeal!​"

“Great. Lots of efficient brain energy.”

Beauty with Nutrients

“I love this product! The chocolate flavor satisfies my chocolate cravings and the nutrients make my skin glow. I strongly recommend it!”

"I love the Peak Health shakes and usually drink one for breakfast. I make mine with almond milk, and it's rich and creamy and stays with me all day. Cellular satiety! As I began to daily eat two to three servings of the foods, my complexion cleared and actually began to glow. Oily skin and breakouts that I have had for a lifetime ended. Severe eczema, which I have had for years and my doctor could not heal with RX ornament, subsided 90%. My usual Boundless Energy Quantum leaped to Infinity. I am sleeping more soundly and have healthy pink fingernails. I enjoy the feeling of self-esteem I get from knowing I'm taking the best possible care of my health.​"​

“I have the worst snacking habits and always have to be eating something — which means 40 extra pounds. I have found the Wonder Bar which has saved me. I have lost 20 pounds. The really interesting thing is that everyone is saying ‘What are your doing? Your skin looks great!'”

“Started drinking the Everything shake after losing some weight. It tastes great and helps keep the excess weight off without "dieting," plus my hair/nails have grown so much and feel and look so healthy!”

“My body, the gym, and lifting are some of the most important things to me. These foods give me the energy to spend hours at the gym, and it feeds my body exactly what it needs. My muscles are thriving and my body fat has dropped to about 3%. I'll keep eating it everyday incorporated into my meal plan for as long as I possibly can.” - Aaron M., 23

Nourishment with Nutrients

“I am battling cancer and have gone through chemo, radiation, and surgery. Food become totally uninteresting to me and the doctors were worried that I would lose all my strength as I was not getting proper nutrition. Then a friend introduced me to Peak Health, and I have eaten the no sugar oatmeal every day which has kept my body strong as it battles all these awful things. Hopefully my treatment will be successful, but I know I would not be here without Peak Health pumping me full of nutrients at every meal.”

“The Brain Shake is the “afternoon pick-me-up” I always dreamed of. Instead of reaching for another cup of coffee around 2PM, I mix two scoops of the brain shake with water and I feel SO MUCH BETTER than I ever did with coffee. No more cravings for chips from the kitchen, and it gives me energy that helps me coast all the way to bedtime. THANK YOU Peak Health for making a big difference in my afternoons and evenings.”

“It's hard to explain but after after a full serving of Peak Health’s oatmeal, without ever having that uncomfortably 'full' feeling, I don't even THINK about food for 6 hours.”

“​​I love the chocolate​ Brain] shake. It is the best tasting and most effective shake​ I have ever tried. I truly see an improvement in my cognitive ability and I am completely satiated. My daughter loves it as well – she is eight years old. It has become a key component of our healthy eating and lifestyle. I cannot recommend it more highly to anyone who wants to improve their mental focus and eat clean protein.​” -Tracy M.​

“66 lbs later - The breakfast rice porridge is an incredible product. The satiety in the product allows me to have 1.75 scoops each morning 5-7 days a week and in doing so I give up my lunch and a couple of snacks. I don't miss them at all. It isn’t until about 3 to 4 pm that I start to get hungry and I start to think about dinner. This product is incredible, it has allowed me to keep this weight off, now going on 3 plus years.”

“My problem is I have to always be eating and thus I have a belly and was 40 pounds overweight. A friend told me about satiety state (a fancy way of saying you are full). I did not believe him, so I had Peak Health Oatmeal at 7am and the test was when I thought about food again. It was not until 4pm in the afternoon. It is just amazing.”