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High Blood Pressure
at 8 weeks:
  • On average, participants reported losing 18 lbs. 
  • 50% of participants had normal blood pressure
Senior Health
Male Virility

Completed Clinicals

2016 Diet Clinical
  • On average, participants lost 15lbs in 3 months
  • 90% of participants reported feeling full, a better mood, and more energy
  • 33% of participants had a reduced risk of chronic disease
2017 Long-term Customers
Big Data Survey
  • 90% of customers reported improved  concentration for longer periods of time
  • 80% of customers reported improved multi-tasking ability
2018 Diet Clinical
  • On average, in 15 days participants reported losing 4.5lbs
  • After 15 days of eating Nutrient foods 80% of participants reported better digestion and improved sleep
  • 80% of participants also reported craving less sugar 

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Join a Study: Click a picture to see if you qualify

50+ Great Health
Male Virility
Senior Health
Type 2 Diabetes
Blood Pressure
50+ Great Health
Male Virility
Blood Pressure
Senior Health
Type 2 Diabetes

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