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January 2016, my mom weighed 62 pounds due to Short Gut Bowl Syndrome. Dr. Stacey Bell from Nutrient Foods urged my mom’s doctor to start her on nutrients through TPN (total parenteral intravenous nutrition) since my mom could no longer consume nutrients through food. In only 5 months, my mom gained 39 pounds putting her at 101 pounds. She hadn’t been over 100 pounds in the previous 15 years unless she was injected with steroids. She lived another two years thanks to nutrients. She tried organic and all the other things people raved about, however it wasn’t until nutrients that she experienced breakthrough. December 2017 my mom passed because she need a heart valve transplant and the doctor said, “The operation is easy. However, I can’t get enough nutrients into her body, so she can heal since she cannot eat food anymore. The TPN gave her life for 2 years, but I can’t push enough nutrients through her veins. She needs nutrients from food to recover from heart surgery.” She died peacefully at 58. I miss her every day. How do I honor her? By coaching people like you on the power of Nutrient Foods, so you can have a different story. One of inspiration through life and not death. I consume Nutrient Foods every day because of this story. I hope you do as well. I’ll share my story when we talk. Here is a picture of my mom and I.

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