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XNutrient Blood Pressure Study

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How Does This Work?

First of all, we're excited to help you lower your blood pressure and improve your health! And yes, this program is 100% free! All we ask is that you pay the $100 deposit, that you'll get back, so ensure your participation with updates on your progress. Once you select your meals, we'll send you the simple form for you to complete to finalize your setup.

What's Included?

You'll get to choose your first 60 meals for month one right now and the second round of meals in about a month. You'll also receive an additional 30 Nutrient Bars each month for those in-between meals.  we'll be sending you an additional 30 assorted Nutrient Bars to eat as mid-day meals. It's a total of 90 meals and we'll be sending the 2nd wave of meals after the first month of the study. In addition, we'll be sending you a new blood pressure monitor that you can keep. The entire value of the 2-month program is over $750!


If you want to elevate your performance - and your life - you’re in the right place. Each Nutrient meal is based on precision nutrition, giving you over 100 nutrients including your 40+ essentials. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fats (the good kind!), and fiber…all in the right balance so your body can do what is designed to do. Perform, Repair and Repeat. The world’s most nutrient-dense food is ready to work for you.

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