You’ve got a lot on your plate. Multi-tasking is your middle name and you need to be on top of your game. Sharp. Focused. Calm. Unshakeable. Don’t let bad food ruin your health, weaken your brain, and steal your life. Brain fog and the risk of Alzheimer’s can be eliminated if you take action now. The medical industry has no solution to maintain brain health. We do. Protect your brain and plan for quality longevity with the world’s only meal program designed to maintain brain health and performance. Your brain doesn’t have the ability to regenerate so it needs the gold star treatment. We’ve got it. Two meals a day—a BrainCare shake and a Nutrient bar—will deliver the goods to your most important organ. Toss out the afternoon coffees and sugary “energy” bars. You won’t need their short-term damaging effects anymore. The BrainCare program’s proprietary formula will keep you alert, engaged, and present throughout your entire day. It’s your life. Wake up for it.

  •  A personal Nutrient Coach to keep you powered up and performing
  •  Long-term focus and concentration#
  •  Reduce Alzheimer’s risk by 70%*
  •  Improve multi-tasking abilities#
  •  Restful and deep sleep#
  •  Lower stress levels#

With this program you’ll receive 60 meals a month, automatically renewed every 30 days, so you can reach your maximum mental potential. High performing people shouldn’t have to stress about mealtime. We’ll take care of two meals a day, every day. Let us handle your nourishment so your brain can win at life.

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Nutrient Money Back Guarantee

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Our Guarantee

Lose weight during the 15 day Nutrient Loading program
Or you get a full refund of the program

Eat only Nutrient Complete Meals™

Engage with a coach daily

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      Nothing Compares

      The results speak for themselves

      • The most nutrient-dense meal in the world.
      • The only food that's a complete meal
      • Feel full and satisfied without cravings
      • Feel better and beautiful with more energy
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      Defeat Chronic Illnesses

      Nutrients help to reduce your chance of:

      • Heart Disease*
      • Diabetes*
      • High Blood Pressure*
      • Cancer*
      • Shorter Life Span*
      • Alzheimer's Disease*
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      Complimentary Coaching

      • #1 reason people fail is because they don’t have a support system
      • Your personal certified Nutrient Coach will:
        • Keep you motivated
        • Answer all of your questions
        • Provide meal prep tips
        • Support you via text, email, and phone

      Included in every Nutrient Program

      Stories from our customers

      "Full without cravings"
      "I could focus more in class."
      "My arthritis got better!"

      9 out of 10 people reported

      Better Memories
      Weight Loss
      Better Mood
      Improved Focus
      More Energy

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      Frequently asked questions

      The Brain Shake has special ingredients that work directly to support the brain so that it functions better in terms of memory, cognition, and focus. These include: CoQ10, acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, quercetin, phosphatidylserine, and N-acetyl cysteine.
      The Brain Shake includes all the nutrients that the brain needs to maintain itself - just the regular things it needs day-to-day. and special ingredients that target only the brain and improve how it functions. These include: CoQ10, acetyl L-carnitine, alpha lipoic acid, quercetin, phosphatidylserine, and N-acetyl cysteine.
      A lifetime of consuming a nutrient-rich diet has been shown to slow the aging process, including maintain memory, brain function & focus.
      A. All ages. Anyone who is looking for a cognitive edge and optimal brain health - from teenagers to baby boomers.