One in every four deaths is from heart disease. High blood pressure is one of the most dangerous factors leading to it. Don't be a statistic.

Nutrient Heart is a revolutionary approach to reducing high blood pressure through nutrient-dense meals:

100% success rate in reducing high blood pressure in Live Clinicals™
50% achieve perfect numbers in 8 weeks
More effective than standards of care involving diets and pills
Positive side effects (weight loss, increased energy, better focus, improved digestion, restful & deep sleep )

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Nutrient Money Back Guarantee

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Our Guarantee

Lose weight during the 15 day Nutrient Loading program
Or you get a full refund of the program

Eat only Nutrient Complete Meals™

Engage with a coach daily

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      Nothing Compares

      • The most nutrient-dense meals in the world
      • Access your body’s natural ability to repair & protect itself
      • Reduce your risk of chronic disease*
      • Improve your health while feeling satisfied
      • See our Nutrient Attributes & Live Clinicals in action
      • 1/4 the cost of eating out & 1/3 the cost of home cooking
      • Fast & convenient meal prep

      What to Expect on Nutrient Heart

      • Week 1: Satiety = Feeling full for long periods after eating.
      • Week 2: Body Repair Begins. More energy. Weight loss. Better sleep.
      • Week 3-8: Taste Bud Rehab is completed. Your body craves nutrients. Blood pressure lowers. Less inflammation and joint pain.
      • Long-term better health is your next step.
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      Complimentary Coaching

      • #1 reason people fail is because they don’t have a support system
      • Your personal certified Nutrient Coach will:
        • Keep you motivated
        • Answer all of your questions
        • Provide meal prep tips
        • Support you via text, email, and phone

      Included in every Nutrient Program

      Stories from our customers

      "Perfect numbers now."
      "My friends can't believe it!"
      "Blood pressure was great."

      10 out of 10 people reported

      Lower Blood Pressure
      Weight Loss
      Felt Full
      Eating Better
      More Energy

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      Frequently asked questions

      So far, 100% of all participants who completed this program (and stuck to it every day) lowered their blood pressure. Additionally, 50% of participants reached perfect blood pressure levels by the eighth week.

      And you’ll have a personal certified Nutrient Coach who will keep you motivated and give you loads of help along the way. Think of them as your personal healthy journey guide.

      It’s simple. You’ll add three Nutrient servings into your daily life (two meals and one bar).
      Remember: only eat when you’re hungry.
      Yes. The bars qualify as a meal replacement, but some people prefer to look at them as a really filling snack-item. That’s fine, too. They are great for on-the-go, or whenever you need a really quick, no-prep-needed meal.
      You can always speak to your Coach about how you’re feeling. They’re here for you! 100% of past participants have experienced and reported:
      • Improved Blood Pressure levels
      • Better (continued) eating habits
      • Weight loss (averaging 11 lbs lost and 5in around the waist)
      • Feeling full without cravings
      • More ease falling and staying asleep
      • General increase in mood and happiness levels
      • Better confidence
      We recommend moving on to our Nutrient Health program, or just choose your favorite items individually. Nutrient Health gives you two meals a day, which is what we would recommend if you chose to order your favorite items without a program. And Nutrient Health’s monthly recurring program makes it easy to stay on your health journey. Order once and you’re all set. Cancel anytime. Consuming the nutrients that repair, protect, and strengthen your body is a choice you have the power to make every day. Keep the amazing results coming. You deserve it.