Nutrient Shake Bag
Nutrient Shake Bag
Nutrient Shake Bag
Nutrient Shake Bag

Nutrient Shake Bag

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Life is complicated enough. Your shake doesn’t have to be.

Filled with raw amino power to eliminate cravings and protect your future health:



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The Nutrient Shake contains all the macro- and micro-nutrients the body needs to grow, repair, and live strong and long. A multivitamin contains only micronutrients, with ranges all over the place.
Our shakes are a Nutrient Complete MealTM. A protein shake is just that - protein, which is the one nutrient that we generally get enough of.
The Nutrient Shake is a complete meal that was designed using our proprietary technology perfected over six years of R&D. Click here to learn more about the requirements for a Nutrient Complete Meal™.
Yes. They contain omega-3s, choline, amino acids and potassium (the most under consumed nutrient in the modern-day diet), no artificial flavors or colors, GMO free and fewer than 10 grams of sugar.