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Nutrient Shake 5-Pack

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Change one meal a day.

Every shake is an excellent source of essential nutrients - all of your vitamins, minerals, amino acids, healthy fats and fiber in one complete meal.


$17.50 ($3.50 per bar)

9 out of 10 People Achieve Extraordinary

Nutrients activate your body’s natural energy source: the mitochondria. 
Mental Focus
Nutrients activate your brain’s full functioning for better concentration, focus and memory.
Muscle Repair
Nutrients promote tissue repair and cell regeneration, accelerating recovery. 
Nutrients have antioxidant power that protects your cells (so you can look and feel younger!).

Nutrient Details

9 out of 10 Nutrient customers experience higher levels of sustained energy, sharper focus, and faster recovery.

The world's most nutrient dense and anti-inflammatory complete meals with limited calories.

You have the power to naturally boost your body's performance.

Sustained energy, sharper focus, faster recovery and anti-aging power are all possible without any drugs, pills, supplements, bio-hacking or anything artificial. But your body needs anti-inflammatory nutrients - a lot of them every single day. If you don't get them, you create an artificial barrier that stops you from reaching your highest state of living. Nutrient provides your body with what it needs to naturally break through this barrier. Check out the real life results for yourself - 9 out of 10 people have improved their performance with Nutrient.


Yes. It's the only shake in the world that harnesses your body’s natural power to break through the performance barrier. Each shake has 30% of your daily need of 28 vitamins and minerals so your body can perform, naturally.
Our shakes are a Nutrient Complete MealTM. A protein shake is just that - protein, which is the one nutrient that we generally get enough of.
Why take a pill? One Nutrient Shake gives you 35-50% of every essential you need to perform naturally. No supplements needed.
Yes. They contain omega-3s, choline, amino acids and potassium (the most under consumed nutrient in the modern-day diet). No artificial flavors or colors. GMO and gluten-free. Fewer than 10 grams of sugar.


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