About us

It is not about us, it is about you: your beauty, your performance, your weight, your health, your life.

Like you, we each have different reasons why we care about nutrient loading:

  • Some of us just want to go to the next doctor appointment without failing all the tests, or simply look better in a bathing suit;
  • For others, someone we love faces a personal challenge where Nutrient Loading has made a difference;
  • Some want to create a nutritional revolution around Nutrient Loading to reverse the 100 years of the destruction of our foods;
  • Others are driven to regain control of their lives from Big-Food, Big-Beverage, Big-Government, Big-Pharma, and Big Medicine.

But we each care deeply about the power of Nutrient Loading to make life better for everyone and we are inspired by the stories that are flooding in from our customers about Why life is better with Nutrient Loading.

We are a small group based in Reno, NV, housed in a 100,000 square foot facility (we call the “Beehive”) where we do everything.  Come visit, we are proud.

What we do is simple but very hard.  Simple because the importance of nutrients is well known and supported by the leading nutrition scientist. But it is really hard to get 100 nutrients, the right ones, the right amount, and the right balance in a tasty meal which is ready to consume with only rehydration and is affordable.  In fact, it has taken us 5 years to just introduce the handful of products we offer today.  That is our magic: creating tasty NutritionLoadingTM meals without playing the sugar, salt, bad fat game loaded with artificial stuff. 

We sell a hand full of meals but our real product is beauty, weight loss, performance, health and better life. If our meals are not perfect for your taste profile, we are sorry and will try to improve but please eat them, or nutrient load some other way, so you can live a longer, healthier life, where you achieve peak performance daily. 

We believe in outcome based data so we are funding 4 studies at leading research institutions about the power of Nutrient Loading to improve health outcomes.  This includes the effectiveness of the Brain Shake on brain health at Harvard Medical School's affiliated hospital Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.  About a decade ago, science tied dementia and Alzheimer’s to diet and we believe the Brain Shake, the world’s first food for the brain, is a very important method to protect the brain throughout life.  We’ll continue to do research and we have a long list of research institutions who want to work with us. 

We also care about mother earth.  The world’s current food system is not sustainable because of three factors: food waste, population growth and limited resources.  With zero food waste, we are providing leadership to protect our environment for future generations.

We are on a long journey and we are convinced that 50 years from now, Nutrient Loading will be the driver of all meals.  Like the horse and buggy or the abacus, things which the food industry holds dear today will eventually be obsolete (like calorie counting – wouldn’t that be nice!) and all that will matter will be the soul of foods: their nutrient content and its effect on our bodies.

We welcome you to join our journey, to live with nutrients every day for better beauty, performance, weight management, and long term health.

Your body is amazing. Be good to it by Nutrient Loading daily.